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My Boy Blue

Aug 5, 2011

by Pat
(Ontario Canada)

It's been a little less than two years since you left me for a better place. I still miss you very much and I am still finding your fur all over the place. (I keep every piece I find). I still talk about you and always get tears in my eyes. We have moved back to the old house that you loved so much but you remain in your little garden with Bootsie.

Lexie is with us for the summer and I often think about your introduction to her. I still see her lying under your chin and the look of perplexion on your face wondering what this little one was all about. Your picture is still (and will remain) on my desk and is my home page on my computer. When we moved back into the old house I went into the hallway and pictured you and Karma lying next to one another - best friends. Karma's legs are getting a bit stiff but she still tries to play with Lexie. I sense that she still misses you.

I still remember us playing beep and laugh thinking about you looking for me everywhere. I love you Blue and and it is a great comfort knowing that you are happy and healthy now and those thoughts make me happy.

Love you Blue


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