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'Pat & Blue'

Thinking of You

Oct 28, 2013

by Pat
(Ontario Canada)

Blue I look at your picture every day. You are my screen saver. I see you every day at home throughout the house. I reminisce with Jim and Katie and Dave about your antics every now and then. But most of all I look at your pictures and remember our life together. Blue I often think and compare what you used to do with what Lexie does.

I was just saying to Jim the other day that I remember when you had your own sofa (which is now Jim's) to sleep on. You would always kick your feet and talk to us. What a clown you were. I STILL find your hair on that sofa. It's nice to take time to write my feelings but it still brings tears to my eyes when I think about you being gone. I don't think that this will ever pass. If you can please send me some kind of message that you are doing well and that you miss me as I miss you.

Love Mom xxxxxoooo

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