Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Pat & Blue'

Three Years Ago

Sept 4, 2012

by Pat

Blue as I look at your picture on my computer screen I remember the day you went to the bridge. It was the saddest day in my life. I hated to let you go but I know in my heart that your suffering was too great for you to bear. You needed to be pain free and happy again to run and play. I remember you often and talk about your antics. I still have your picture on the living room wall where it will remain as long as I am here on earth.

You were the first dog I ever had - before you it was always cats. But you stole my heart when we saw you at the dog sledge races. A tiny ball of white fluff with the most beautiful blue eyes. We brought you home where you would begin your life. You were such a handful. You chewed like no other dog. Ruined many things but I still loved you. You talked a blue streak and were so funny. You loved the water and the beach and the pontoon boat.

I will never never forget you Blue - you will always be in my heart. I love how you keep sending me messages. I find pieces of your fur still at the cottage at home and even in my car.

I see your beautiful face every morning at work and I sometimes stroke your head between your eyes on the computer screen like I used stroke you when you were here.

Run fast at the bridge Blue and some day you will see me there waiting for you. I love you Blue.



P.S. Karmy still missing you but she settles for Lexie who runs circles around her just like Karmy did with you.

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