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You Came to Let Me Know That You Were Happy

Jul 12, 2010

by Pat
(North Bay Ontario Canada)

Well Blue I now am absolutely sure that you are at the bridge. When I found the paw print on the wall over my bed right above my pillow - I knew it was yours. The paw print cannot be removed with cleaners. My family is at a loss as to how it got there. All I know is that it wasn't there before.

I had another sign from you when I was sitting out on the back steps and a butterfly came fluttering around my head. It would not go away. It just kept flying around my head. It finally landed right beside me on the hand rail. I had a chance to look at it and was amazed to see a small blue marking that looked like a B on its wings. I called my daughter to have a look and to verify what I was seeing. Sure enough I was right.

It eventually flew away but came back the next day. I was sitting on the step again and it came back - I called Jim and Katie to come see. I put my hand out to see if it would land and it landed and sat right on my finger. It stayed on my finger while I looked at it and again I saw the blue markings on its wings. Both Jim and Katie saw what happened as well. I felt overwhelmed at that point and tears came to my eyes.

I truly believe that you are happy and pain free at the bridge. I love you Blue. Someday I will see your beautiful face again and be able to touch your beautiful coat. Come and see me again Blue.

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