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You Touched Me Again Today

Nov 9, 2009

by Pat
(Ontario Canada)

Blue and Karmy during the renovations

Blue and Karmy during the renovations

I came home tonight and had supper. Then decided to do some cleaning in the bedroom. There it was - on the dresser - a bottle of Rescue Remedy Spray. I used to give this to you to try and help you with the restlessness you experienced during the night. It helped you quite a bit but as your legs got worse it didn't have as much effect. I cried when I found the bottle because it brought back all the memories of you and the good times we had.

I remember this picture when you and Karmy were at home in the den watching TV with us. You two where the best of friends. This picture reminds me of when you and Karmy were at the cottage with us during the renovations and you two kept trying to get into the kitchen where we were doing a major demolition. We had to put up a barracade to keep the two of you out of danger. You kept complaining about not being able to be with us. Your howls which were annoying then would be music to my ears now.

I will always miss you very much Bubby. Love always.

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