Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Penny & Kane'

June 26, 2011

by Penny
(Dudley, MA)

Dear Sweetie:

It is 4 weeks since you went to the bridge. Today started out good. I had a great morning with Dad, worked out and gardened. But my thoughts turned to you and I cried. I do that almost every day. I know that things will be easier someday, but that time is not close. When I'm sad, it's because I miss you, everything about you and I don't expect that to change for quite some time.

We went do dinner this evening with Dorothy and Irena and spent the evening thinking and talking about you. I was so proud to boast about the loyalty, compassion, friendship and incredible love you gave to Dad and I. They were true gifts.

I want to thank you for your last evening on earth. You waited for us at the window and were so happy when we came home. You didn't want to leave without showing us your love. You knew that I had promised to be there for you at the end... you didn't want to make me angry with myself for not keeping that promise.

You stopped breathing after spending time with us and then let me bring you back with my breath. You were weak but stayed one hour, cuddling us, letting us pet and love you. You then fell asleep and shortly after stopped breathing forever.

Thank you for your love and for that hour. Thank you for giving me that last and most precious gift.

Wait for us Bubba....we'll be there for you someday. Just pretend you are at camp waiting for us. I promise to be there for you as I always was...



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