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'Sheila & Norman'

Miss My Boy

Wednesday June 2, 2009

by Sheila
(Davison, mi)

Been missing my baby a lot. Getting closer to his birthday. Little things are happening. I hear stuff that reminds me of him. For instance, Sunday morning I was making bacon. The snapping noise sounded like Norman's toe nails on the floor. Kinda made my heart swell for a minute. Then I felt a wave of loneliness and sadness come over me.

I miss my little guy so much. It's a huge and horrible change. One that seems to be taking a long time for me to accept. He was my sweet boy though. It's hard to just "let go" and pretend things are fine. Every day is a challenge for me. Most people don't understand. Those people are not "pet" people. They don't understand how someone can love an animal so much, that it changes their whole life when they are gone.

Those people have no idea the huge amount of love they are missing in their lives. I actually feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have a furbaby to love. Norman will always be my baby. I will miss him dearly, and I have no regrets about his life. I know he knew I loved him with my whole heart. I just wish I knew how long before the pain eases.

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