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'Sue & Abby'

A Lonely Day

June 23, 2011

by Sue
(Coopersville, Mi)

Here it is another day without you and not knowing what to do with myself. I miss how you filled my day and gave me purpose in life. I don't know if I will ever get over losing you; it certainly is going to take a while.

It has been a dreary rainy week and it reminds me of the times we would have to work your walks in between the rain drops. We had such adventure together seeing what we could find for you to chase or bark at. Those days are gone now and I miss them dearly.

It has been such a short time since you have been gone, but it seems like forever. I want you back so badly it hurts. I wish I could find a way to take away the pain, but nothing seems to help. I hope someday things will be OK again and I will remember you in fond memories.

I miss you and I love you and can't wait till we meet again.


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