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'Sun & Charlie'

Bud's Smile

Aug 17, 2011

by Sun

Dear Charlie,

Eight months ago, you had to go to the Bridge, I became a very sad person. Then, you found your long lost sister Leya, which has been so comforting. But, the sadness will never go away, I still think the fate was too cruel, your time with us was way too short. The past eight months has been the worst, saddest long months of my life without you.

Bud is having such a hard time, his condition changes almost hourly. Duke senses something is wrong and it makes me more scary. Charlie, please help them get well, although I know you do, I just need to talk to you. I am trying very hard to bring Bud's health back and to give him lots of encouragement. He smiled many times today, looking like your happy smile, so it's a good sign. Would you cheer him up and stand by him?

We all love you very much and you will always be our Golden Angel. Leya's mom loves you very much, too.

Good night, my precious boy.


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