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'Sun & Charlie'

Those Golden Days

Sep 12, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

Dear Charlie,

As always and forever, I am thinking of you, missing you, longing to feel and hear you even just one more time. You have left all the best loving memories, and I ought to be able to smile for the golden days you have given all of us, but I know I have trouble accepting realities. As you so well know, I try hard without success.

All I know is that I love and miss you so much. Of course, Bud and Duke miss you very much too and ever since you've been gone, nothing has been the same. Your happy family with those golden days is fading away and I am totally powerless to hold us together, especially without your ever so special golden love and touch. But, I know, because I want to believe, you are never far from us, watching over your brothers, walking with us in troubled times.

Thank Leya for us for all of her love and compassion; Leya's mom is a true rock and the very best. Her love for you guys is absolutely endless.

Charlie, as I tell you often, you get well, have lots of happy times with Leya, and come back whenever you are ready.

Love and miss you.


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