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'Sun & Charlie'

Dear Charlie,

Jan 9, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX, USA)

It was the 3rd weekend without you here and it seems eternity. Like this kindest lady Diana who has lost her beloved Leya in August understands, my pain is way too deep. Let's thank Diana for her most gentle words and kindness. She is like you, Charlie, such a huge heart! So, please remember to look for her 'Leya' at the Bridge and tell me all about meeting Leya.

Are you enjoying the new life at the Bridge, Charlie? I certainly hope so.

Since you've been gone, I have not yet cooked anything, not yet, I just can't, that you won't be in the kitchen loving the meals is too sad for me to even think about it right now. So, we just microwave something and try to get treats that you liked the least, for Bud and Duke. I think they understand, especially Bud, he misses you very much. All of your beds are still here.

Charlie, you filled this house with your golden heart, pure love and everything anyone could ever hope for, and I thought our time together was just beginning. How wrong I was... It tears my heart, Charlie, that you had to suffer the last day at the vet (although they don't admit it), I could never forgive myself for that. They say, "think of happy thoughts," of course there were many many good and happy times, but right now, all I know is I miss you, Charlie.

Have a good sleep.

Love you,

Earth Mom.

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