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'Sun & Charlie'

Missing You...

April 17, 2012

by Sun
(Texas )

Dear Charlie,

As more times go by without you, I miss you more and more, now I keep thinking you will be bouncing in with your beautiful golden smile at any time soon. Maybe it's a way of my trying to cope with my sorrow, or maybe not...

Bud, you know how much I love you. I still don't know how I will go on without you. You were supposed to be with me forever... I know, you promised you would never leave me and I know you are right here beside me, as you've been for the last decade. Still, my heart is so broken, it won't mend until our loving family get together again.

Please be well, my child, listen to Charlie and Leya, they both love you very much. And, won't you come down to chat and walk, soon? Charlie and Leya will accompany you, as always.

Bud, you will always be the sunshine of my life, because you're my world, and I miss you every waking moment and in sleep. Charlie, my golden boy, I love you forever. Not having either of you is unbearable. I should be as strong--many ways that you showed me, but I am not. That's why I need my Angels with me wherever I might be.

Good night, my children, I will see you in my dreams.

Love you, Mom

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