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'Susie & Mel'

Friday April 1, 2011

by Susie

Hi My Love,

Today is Friday and Mommy feels like I'm on a roller coaster ride with it's highs and lows. Sometimes the pain of losing you is so intolerable that I have to excuse myself from the rest of the world to control the overwhelming emotion, hurt and emptiness that I feel inside of me.

If only I can turn back time and be with you again. I would hold you a little closer. Kiss your head and face over and over again. Mommy knows that you try to avoid my kisses at all cost. You were super fast on turning your head when my lips were coming your way. Your funny that way My Love. You are my little Man and I know deep down you loved Mommy's kisses. Silly boy.

When I see you again I'm gonna give you the biggest HUG and the longest KISS. And I will never let you go again Sweetheart.


Your Mommy

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