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Friday May 6, 2011

by Mommy

To My Precious Boy Mel.

Today is exactly 2 months since you passed and it feels like yesterday when you were in my arms. I remember our special bonding time when Mommy would give you your weekly showers and afterwards I would wrap a big towel over you and have you sit on my lap and lay your head on my chest and you would be falling asleep with the towel covering you. I would let you sleep for a few minutes and just enjoy your body close to mine and kiss your head and face.

Now my boy is no longer here with me. I know that you didn't want to leave but your body wasn't able to fight that terrible disease. I wish that I was able to do more for you and even take the disease from you and put it inside of me so you wouldn't have to endure all of the pain and suffering associated with the disease. I curse that disease because it took you away from me. You were so happy and healthy and out of the blue you got sick.

I'm so sorry Mel. I know that you are well again and up in heaven with all of our loved ones that have passed. You will forever be my special little boy that Mommy loves dearly. You will always be in my heart and although I only had you for 9 years Mel Mommy will keep your memories alive for as long as I live. When the day comes that I leave this world don't forget to come and meet me and we can go up to heaven together and be with all of our loved ones that have left this world.

I love you forever Mel. My heart will be forever yours. Mommy send you hugs and kisses.

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