Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Susie & Mel'

June 1, 2011

by Susie

To my precious Little Baby Boy Mel.

It's going on 3 months since you passed and I'm at a loss. I look at your pictures every day and sometimes can't believe that you are really gone. My Boy was only 9 years old and I wasn't ready for you to leave me. I wanted for you to be with me for the rest of my life. I wanted for us to take care of each other forever. I will keep your memories alive and will love you forever.

Also baby thank you for coming into my dreams and doing your super-fast thing. I love it!!!! I know that you are telling me that you are well again and you miss me too. You came to me to say HI and to kiss and hug your Mommy. I Miss you so much baby. We'll all be reunited in the end, My Love and nothing can keep us apart again.....

I love you now and forever, your Mommy

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