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My Sweet Boy Mr. Mel

Mar 2011

by Mommy

Hi Baby,

It's Mommy again. Yesterday was 3 weeks since you left us. Mommy was thinking of you and my mind went back to when you were just a few weeks old. You used to eat and cry at the same time honey. It was the sweetest thing ever. I remember that we all used to joke about it. Oh how time flys by. I never imagine that I would lose you so quickly.

You are the sweetest boy in the world. You made me so happy and you were always there for me. I wished I could of made it all better for you. I wished that you never had that terrible disease. Why is life so cruel. Why did you have to leave me? I miss you terribly. My heart aches from your absence. My life is incomplete without you.

I walked your brother Momo yesterday and ran into a house that had 2 pugs - same color as you and I started to cry. They reminded me of you when you were younger. You are always the most handsomest one in the world. You are forever my handsome, perfect little boy.

I love you forever Mel.

Your Mommy

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