Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Susie & Mel'

Thursday April 14, 2011

by Susie

To my dearest Mel my heart aches from your loss. My little boy how I miss everything about you. I just don't know what to do about myself since you left me. I feel so lonely and depressed even through I still have your little brother Cosmo and your Daddy here with me. I need you too Mel. I need you by my side to love me and look at Mommy with those big bright eyes.

It's been over a month since you passed and when I look at your pictures I still have trouble accepting that you aren't here with me anymore. You left me so soon and so quick and I still have trouble accepting how you just got that terrible disease. How and Why did it have to happened to the Best Little Boy in the World!! The only thing that gets me through each day is knowing that in the end we'll all be together Again!

I am so sorry that you got sick Honey. Mommy knows now that my baby boy is well again physically and mentally. My baby boy doesn't feel bad anymore. My baby boy is able to eat, sleep and run feel. God bless my baby boy and keep him safe.

I will see you again Mel. Mommy sends you hugs and kisses up to heaven to you and everyone else. Say hi to your sisters and great-grandparents for me. Tell everyone that I love and miss them dearly.

Love Mommy

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