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'Susie & Mel'

To My Son Mel - The Fastest Pug In The World

Mar 2011

by Mommy


Mommy miss you sweetie. It will be 3 weeks this Sunday since you passed. Mom and Dad and your brother Momo still are sleeping in the living room. Mommy don't want to go back to the bedroom. I don't know if I can sleep on the bed without you. It is still very hard at this point. You were my protector and now I feel so scared and vulnerable without you.

I have been having a lot of dreams lately but Mommy can't seem to remember my dreams. I wished to see you in my dreams but I don't know if I have or not. I miss you terribly. I miss kissing your face and cheeks. I miss kidding around with you about getting your tail. You are the love of my life and I feel so empty without you.

I will love you forever son. Please be healthy and full of peace, love, and be well. I will see you when Mommy crosses over the other side. Please be there to greet me and never leave me again.

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