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'Susie & Mel'

Tuesday April 12, 2011

by Susie

Good Morning Mel,

It's Tuesday morning and Mommy is at work. I do the same thing everyday since you left me. In the morning I take you pictures out of the drawer at my desk and I kiss each picture of you. At the end of the day I kiss each picture of you and I put it away in the drawer. I miss you so so much.

Yesterday night I had a good cry for you honey. You are the best thing that has come into my life and I will cherish that forever. I think that you are still around me sometimes because you are too worried about me to leave my side. I feel your presence at times. Do you hear me talking to you? Do you see me hugging and kissing you?

Please don't worry about Mommy. I will try to be stronger. I want you to be free of pain and sadness and be healthy, happy and full of life and vitality. I only look forward to the day that I can be with you and everyone else again in heaven.

I love and miss you so much Mel.

Your Mommy

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