Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Susie & Mel'

Tuesday April19, 2011

by Mommy

Hi Honey,

It's coming on 2 months since you passed and I still have a hard time accepting and realizing that you are gone. I've been seeing you around the house at times. And I've been dreaming of you but when I wake up I can't remember clearly what we were doing in my dreams. All I know is that you were with me and we were just going about our daily lives.

I think that's the reason why it's so hard to accept that you are really gone. I know that in the end I will see and be with you again Sweetie. I think that you hang around to see me and take care of me. I love you so much!!! Mommy and Daddy and Cosmo sends you Hugs and Kisses.

We love you dearly Mel.

Your Mommy

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