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'Susie & Mel'

Tuesday May 17, 2011

by Susie

To my Handsome Baby Boy Mel,

Hi Honey, it's Mommy how are you? I miss you so much. I miss smelling, hugging and kissing you. I just want you to know that I pray that you are healthy, happy and safe up in heaven. I will be with you again so I just ask that we both can be patient until that day comes.

Daddy and Momo is doing fine. Daddy still plays his game everyday and Momo is just Momo. Mommy is getting back to my normal routine. Working and cleaning the house. Trying to be the best person that I can. I am trying to cope with you not being around me anymore. I would do anything to get you back to me and have you be with me healthy and happy.

I hate to think about how lonely your last days were. I wished that I could of stayed at the hospital with you but they didn't allow it. They should definitely change their policy in the future to accommodate the parents. I just wanted to be with my baby boy.

I dreamt that other day that I was giving you a bath and it seemed so real until I woke up and realize that you are not here with me. I love you so much honey. You will be in my thoughts and heart forever. Have fun and be well in heaven sweetie. We'll be with each other again.

I love you now and always,

Love Mommy

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