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'Susie & Mel'

Wednesday Mar 30, 2011

by Susie
(Texas )

Hi My Love, how are you today? Are your sisters being nice to you? Are you following your Great Grandma around? What have you been doing lately? Are you familiar with your new surrounding now? I hope everything is good now for you honey. Get familiar with everything so when Mommy see you again you can take me around and show me where and what you've been doing.

I miss you terribly honey. I kiss your pictures countless times during the day. I talk to you every chance I get. I stare up to the sky and just blab away. People probably think who's that crazy lady but I don't care. I'm talking to my baby boy!!! I'm still mad at your little brother for biting you when you were sick. Mommy so sorry about that honey. That little booger come out of nowhere and I think he was jealous so he bite you.

I remind him almost everyday to say a pray for you and say sorry to his big brother. I will keep reminding him for the rest of his life to apologize to you for that. I think he knows what Mommy is saying. I think that he miss you too honey. He doesn't bark or scream when Mommy leaves for work anymore. He knows that your not around but he doesn't know where you are at. I told him that your up in Heaven now and you are well again. I told him that we will be with you again.

I love you so so much.

Your Mommy

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