Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Teresa & Charlie'

April 21, 2011

by Teresa
(Tyldesley UK)

Dear Charlie

I hope you are safe and happy. It is so so painful not be able to take care of you, not to feel your soft baby fur under my fingers and look into your beautiful eyes, so innocent and trusting. I still cannot believe we had you for such a short time.

The hardest thing is that you passed away alone and injured. It would have been less brutal if I could have held you, stroked you and seen you go to sleep peacefully held in loving arms. Your loss would still have been felt deeply but at least you would not have had to endure the loneliness of dying alone without your loving Mum to be there for you.

The thought of my gorgeous baby boy who had given so much love and joy to us all, being all alone is more than I can bear. Charlie I am so sorry. You did not deserve this. It is so hard to accept that I was not there for you. You were only a baby and now you have been robbed of so many years of happiness. It is very unfair. I am so very angry on your behalf.

Please forgive me. I am still heartbroken and crying so much tonight. You should be here having your tummy tickled and purring loudly. I would give all I have just to feel your soft fur one more time.

Missing you heaps as are Fred and Arthur your adoring brothers. Be safe and happy my darling baby boy.

Mum misses you so much. xxxxx

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