Your Pet Loss Poems

'After Our Last Day'

by MCM

I'll never know
If it was wrong or right
That's not a question
I'm asking tonight

Now that it's over
And you are gone
My loneliness is growing
Strong and strong

This broken soul
Is home alone
And I still think I see you
Though I know it is done

There's no turning back
The shot was quick
Too fast for tears
With one final kick

I bent down to kiss you
A final goodbye
Your face rose to meet mine
And that's when I cried

There was nothing more
To do or be said
On such a beautiful day
For you to be dead

The emptiness at home
Can get too much
At times I can't breath
And pain can't stomach

Crying used to release
Part of that pain
But it's been a month now
And those tears no longer gain

Any sense of peace
Or calm when I cry
It is what it is
And I must say goodbye.

Goodbye Tricky, we miss you so much.

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