Your Pet Loss Poems

'One More Day...'

by Diana
(Ontario Canada)

My precious girl.... Leya

My precious girl.... Leya

If I had you back for one more day I know what I would do,

I’d hold you close and do the things I know you loved to do.

I’d hug you tight, give you treats, we’d run and laugh and play,

I’d tell you all the things I needed one more time to say.

Like just how much I love you so, and thanks for all you give,

I’ll treasure all the gifts you gave as long as I should live.

I’d look into your loving eyes and see your soul shine through,

Each day was so much happier when I spent the day with you.

And when the day was over, I’d hold you close again,

And whisper softly in your ear,

Please wait for me, my friend.

Dedicated to my beautiful 12 year old Doberman.
Leya, how I wish our last day had been like this.

Loving you forever,


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