Your Pet Loss Poems

'Paw Prints in Heaven'

by Holly Okon
(Anchorage, AK)

Cold, wet noses, hearts warm and true
Loyalty and devotion all the years through

Four feet following me, walking beside me and ahead
Constant companions, sitting beside me, laying at the foot of my bed

Lucky to have known them, they enriched my life beyond measure
Long walks through the woods, trips to the dog park, I will always treasure

Faithful and steadfast, love unconditional and without fail
God's perfect creation, from tip of nose to tail

If one were to say to me, dogs don't go heaven, I would question their doubt
For what kind of heaven would it be for me to be without

Dogs romping about, barking, tails wagging while at play
Furry clowns so entertaining, making me smile and laugh every single day

So when my time on this earth ends, I reach down and pet my dogs that have passed
It is then I will know, I have reached heaven at last.

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