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by: Anonymous

Well nothing that has happened in any way was the animals fault. When we take on ownership of an animal we are 100% responsible, I am so sorry to hear about your loss, but it is not fair for you to blame the dog. The dogs were left alone, not spayed and neutered. That's not their fault. Sorry if I come off heartless, because that is not the case. All I'm saying is that you need to realize that you were not "betrayed by your own dog" Your dog was doing something natural. If you have both small and large breeds in the past ( I dont think it's a good idea for you) but if it turns out that way, keep them apart unless you are in the room. Don't take it out on the dogs you have left... they are not guilty.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. "
by: Ozreal

I too lost Mittens and can only partially understand what you are going through Jackie.
Bonnie is going to visit you in a dream (or some other way) and ask you to forgive Princess. One of the greatest attributes on earth is unconditional love and what a great gift Bonnie is to that. Wish you peace at God speed.


So sorry
by: Claire

I'm so sorry to hear about Bonnie and I just wanted to say that my advice would be that the best thing for your other dog would be to have her neutered.

I've worked with dogs all my life and even dogs that are litter mates and the best of friends can turn on each other if they aren't neutered and either they or dogs around them are on heat. Male dogs tend to make a lot of noise as a warning to each other but can still cause injury and even kill each other, but unfortunately two female dogs are much more likely to lash out without warning and more likely to cause fatal injuries before you have a chance to intervene. They can turn in an instant and it's often too late especially if one is more powerful than the other.

It's probably just a motherly protective and competitive instinct but whatever it is there is always a risk there so long as they have their hormones. Most people aren't aware of this because they see their dogs getting along fine and don't realise that once hormones kick in, and a male dog is close by, they can then see each other as just competitors. As competitors they will instinctively fight for the male dogs attention no matter how good their previous relationship.

It's hard to see your dog in the same light again I know but I think you are right and the fact that they were both on heat and a male dog was present is a big factor in what happened. Finding out more about how a dog's behaviour can negatively change when they are on heat might also make it easier to understand and forgive your dog's actions and if you feel like you are taking positive action to find out more to avoid anything like this happening in the future, it may help you to be able to start trusting her again.

I know although you suspect this is the cause anyway it will be hard to hear, but I think it's better for me to be honest and tell you the truth based on my experience because at least if you can understand why what has happened has happened you can maybe save your relationship with your remaining dog by taking action.

I hope this helps and once again I am really sorry.


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