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Got to keep going
by: Dayle

My little boy...Oliver...he saved my life too. I was very sick...but I had to go on...for him. When he got sick I tried...the best I knew save him. I feel just as you do...why oh why couldn't I help him as he had helped me? He was my everything. My best soul mate. I miss him so much and pray I will see him again. We can't leave here until GOD decides it is our time. I know I don't want to have to ever endure the pain of another life on earth just to learn lessons that I did not learn in this life. I want to leave here when it is my time and be with Oliver again. Your little buddy was here to help you to go on. And in his honor that is what you must do. It hurts horribly...I know..because I cry every single day for over 3 months now...and I can't feel happiness right now. But I know Oliver did his job well....because I am still here...for reasons unknown to me. I will say a prayer for you...please feel better...

Lizzies Boy
by: Theresa

I am so so sorry for your loss, what a beautiful boy.
Please don't slip into the same place that you were before he came into your life, that would just make his entrance into your life... pointless.

You have so much love in you to share, so please share it with another little boy...

With love...

Theresa x

So very sorry
by: Marjorie

We lost our little guy so unexpected too... part of me died with him, and it took me a long time to smile again... I understand how you felt.

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