Your Pet Loss Stories

'Jake and Charlie'

by Irene Deakins
(Bobcaygeon, Ont, Ca)

What helped me deal with their passing was my own personal (belief) view of what heaven is like. To me my parents and human family are all in heaven and whenever another family member passes they join our personal family members who have already gone to heaven.

With my 4 legged babies (no matter what their age to me they're still my babies) cats and dogs alike are returned to health and join our human family members where they get hugs and kissess and attention galore. Can run free of leashes, no fear of ever being abused or sick ever again. And I believe and pray that I'll be worthy enough to join them all never to be parted again.

Also the poem "Last Night" more than any of the other poems gave me the most comfort (I still cry each time I read it) but somehow still feel better. And I pray that all the other animals and creatures when they pass if they never had anyone one on earth to love and care for them will find families in heaven to love them through eternity.

I do miss so very much though not physically being able to hug them and hear Charlie (Beagle) bay - head straight up baying his little heart out and getting Jake (Shih Tzu/Pek) to howl in chorus.
We have a neighbor who adopted a black Lab (female - spayed, my boys were neutered) but they both loved the Lab and her them. It was funny though when they 1st met (Belle, Lab) was so excited to meet Jake and Charlie, till Charlie bayed. She had never heard a Beagle's bay before and ran back into her house and hid, but after a few days of meeting and no baying they became friends and played.

Jake just thought Belle was the best thing since sliced bread and even after he lost his sight whenever we went out back Jake always knew how to get to Belle's place. GOD I miss them so much.


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