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Max's Mom
by: Anonymous

Hi Kaceylee

First let me start by saying I am so sorry for your loss. After reading your post it sounds so much like my Max. Over the years he would break out with hives every now and then his muzzle once swelled I contributed it to something bit or stung him gave him benydryl after calling the vet and it went away. Then a month ago I noticed he wasn't feeling good and went out after he went to the bathroom and he too was bleeding from his butt.

I took him to the vet they did blood work the next day I got a call to take him to have an ultra sound. The ultrasound showed that he had a mass on his spleen. She was 95 percent sure it was cancer. She offered me steriods to give me a little more time with him to get me through the x-mas holidays. My husband asked the vet would it be the same outcome and she said yes. I could not let my baby suffer so I too had him put to sleep.

That was Dec 2 and I am still such a mess. Your sheltie sounds that she may of had the same thing. I did a lot of research on the spleen after the fact. I found out that the spleen can throw off toxins that causes hives and things to that nature. My concern was him bleeding he was walking very very slow so I knew he was in a lot of pain.

I feel so much guilt that I should have tried the steriods maybe he would still be here and feeling better. I know exactly how you feel when you said it was like a stab in the back. And it feels like the knife is still there. I have wrote several poems for my baby here. I think they speak my true feelings. God bless you and I hope you find peace.

One Day at a Time


I am sorry-my thoughts are with you
by: Steve

I am sorry that you have to go through this. It is a great honor that you pay to your friend to let him have a merciful and less painful ending. To suffer the pain of loss but not leave his side when his time was passing shows the ultimate respect and faithfulness of a true companion. God Bless you and Kaceylee.

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