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Your gift to Maddy
by: Anonymous

Hello Bridget:

Please remember all the gifts that you have given Maddy. You rescued her, you loved her, you wrote your story about her so we could all know what a great life she had with you. She was blessed to have you as family as you were blessed to have her as family.

Our thoughts are with you and know that she is running free with all our beloved pets that have left us.


I understand how you feel
by: Anonymous

Hello, I just lost my kitty the same way. I had him for 11 years. He was an amazing cat. He loved to be outside. I found him dead on the road 4 days ago. I can't stop crying, I understand how you feel. I am hoping that time will go by and my pain will decrease and go away but the memory of my baby will never go away.

by: Lynne

Bridget, I am so sorry for your loss. Maddy was very lucky to have such a good friend, you took her out of a terrible situation and gave her the love that she needed. You didn't let Maddy die it was an accident and she wouldn't want you to think of it in any other way. Maddy is at Rainbow Bridge now with all the other fur babies happy in the knowledge that she was loved so much by her dear friend Bridget.

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