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Feeling your pain
by: Liz

Linda, I really feel your pain. I just had to put my dog down on Thursday because his tumor had progressed and he was getting worse. He was fine the night before and when he woke up, he was blind. I was at the vet when they put him down and I totally lost it. I am trying really hard to come back around for our other dog and my husband, but this hurt is something I am totally having a hard time shaking. My beloved Bob trusted me and then I put him to sleep to save him from any more pain. I just can't shake the guilt even though I know it was the right thing to do. Hopefully, it will get better with time.


Special Springers
by: Coral (Warwickshire)

Hi Linda. I too lost a beloved campanion on 5th Nov 2011. My 14 year old Springer Spaniel Ralph who is also on this site. They are such special dogs and the grief and pain of having to put him to sleep was beyond words. I was like a zombie for the first month, felt so disconnected from everyone and everything. I understand your pain, and even though we don't ever really get over their loss we learn how to cope with the pain of not having them in our lives physically anymore. I can now think of him and smile and laugh at the things he did. Don't get me wrong I still cry too but I know he is around me. I contacted an Animal Communicator who lives in the North East and the things she told me about Ralph and that he was still with me gave me some comfort in my time of need. She even told me that he was touched that I had carried his dog disc with me. I had not told anyone but my husband about that, I carried it with me on my wedding day. There is no way she could have known that. I'm thinking about you at this sad time. Love Coral x

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