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Please be comforted
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry - but it was an unforseen accident. Of course after the event we feel guilty but you were a little distracted and your usual safety measures failed.

Think how difficult life is for birds in the wild. Your Bobo experienced your love and shared your happy times - all things he would not have experienced had he not known you.

Most pet lovers have experienced similar things. The gate that was not latched and the dog that strayed into the road - that happened to my dog Dewi when my husband was weeding the bottom of the drive. Take comfort in the knowledge you gave your pet so much love and care.

I have just lost my beloved Alfie to cancer. I keep thinking I should have noticed something wrong, but the fact was I didn't he was always so happy and carefree. I just noticed a little bad breath.I wish I had told the vet if there is anything wrong, don't do a biopsy, but I had only taken him for a routine tooth clean. He never recovered from the biopsy and tho' it showed cancer I feel that he would have been able to live more comfortably for a lot longer.

Everything is in the hand of God or fate really, we can only do our very best. It's because we care so much that we give our pets our time and love. That's why it is so painful when something like this goes wrong. You must be a good caring person to suffer so much grief, so try not to blame yourself. Lots of love.

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