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'My Cat Chewie was Killed by my Neighbor's Visiting "Grand" Dog'

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by: Rachel

My little companion Lentil was killed by two dogs two days ago...they belonged to an irresponsible woman who didn't have control over her dogs and had them off the lead. Lentil only popped out for a moment, then the woman was at our door telling us her dogs had gone into our back garden and then the door bell rang a few minutes later with the neighbour carrying my dying cat...she had jumped into his garden to get away and the dogs had followed...I was so close when to where it is such a terrifying way for a cat to, SO sad....I miss her so much. The woman doesn't know what her dogs does make me really angry that irresponsible dog owners do not control their dogs properly and in less than 3mins they can take someone's main companion away from them. We will find her and tell her what she is responsible for, but it will never remove the pain that Lentil felt, and it won't bring Lentil back :(

Chewies sad death
by: Maria

My heart goes out to you over the death of Chewie.
Regarding the fence "too little too late" comes to mind. There is no way to make this up. As I write this it has been 3 hours since I euthanized my best friend Jupiter. I will hold the memories of him in my mind. I hope he is walking with Jesus and Chewie in heaven and that they are both healed and whole.

So sorry
by: Claire

I'm so sorry to hear about Chewie. It is terrible when you try to be a responsible pet owner for your pet to be harmed because of other's irresponsibility. Even more so because the situation is often out of your control and it takes something like this to happen for people to correct their behaviour.

I'm so sorry for you and at the very least I hope your neighbours learn from this.


Sorry about Chewie
by: Jackie

I am so sorry about your cat. My dog too was murdered by a boxer-pitbull mix. The sad news is that she was my own dog. We adopted Princess, the boxer/pitbull, when she was merely 2 months old. We already had Bonnie, the chihuahua victim, in our house for 8 years. Both dogs lived harmoniously for 3 years, they never fought and I never observed any biting or fighting.

Then three days ago my little Bonnie and Princess got into heat, I do not know that female dogs get really irritated during this time, but Princess must have snapped and she got my poor helpless chihuahua by the face. Luckily my Dad was home and he immediately took my Bonnie to the pet hospital. They said they did all that they could but that my dog was really old and that the procedure they were about to perform may not be successful and that she may die in the attempt.

My Father knowing I would be devastated if they didn't try, told them to do whatever they could in their power. But a call in the middle of the night only told us that my dog was put to sleep because she was just going to suffer more than needed. I feel really confused and sad and angry at the same time. I still love my Princess despite the fact that she killed the other dog in my life. However, I am very resentful of the fact that she did that. I don't think I could live with the dog who is responsible for the death of my friend, but then I recognize that maybe she was not in her right state of mind. Anyways I have no idea what to do with her as of right now.

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'My Cat Chewie was Killed by my Neighbor's Visiting "Grand" Dog'.