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'The Story of Koui, the Best Cat I Could Ever Imagine Having'

Last September, my wife and I found an injured kitty about 4-5 weeks old, outside our building entrance. We took him in, took him to the vet and then decided to keep him as he was the cutest, quietest and nicest kitty we had ever seen. We named him Koui, because of a cute little noise he made when we played with him. It so happens that for the next 10 months he became our best friend, one of the greatest joys of our everyday life. He was our companion, our friend and our relief from all the woes of life.

After he grew up a little, he wanted to go out and play with the other cats that live in the common area of our apartment building. So we let him. Most nights he slept outside our kitchen window (we live on the ground floor) and he was there every morning to come inside and have breakfast and snooze on the couch. He really was a happy cat. He had a home where he was loved and where he felt safe. He also had other cats he could play with and be with his own kind and be happy.

A couple of nights ago around 2:30am I heard a horrific cry, a bad cat fight. So I got up and opened my window and saw a huge black dog running along the building's garage ramp, and then jump over the fence into the night. As he was running I heard the sound of the little bell Koui had on his collar. I ran out to the ramp, and saw him. He was laying there, as if asleep. I went up to him and called his name. I swear I saw his mouth move just a little bit, as if he was trying to say something to me. Probably goodbye, or simply "why?". He didn't move again. The black dog had killed him. Our hearts almost exploded from the pain we felt.

Yesterday I called in sick from work and took him to my parents house to bury him in the back yard. I put him in his little bed along with some of his toys and a can of food (I don't know why, it was one of the gourmet treats we reserved for special occasions) and buried him there, so I can visit him and always know where he is.

I just feel so devastated as does my wife. I never thought I would feel like this. We are talking about moving since our apartment feels so empty and cold to us now. I simply cannot grasp the unfairness of what happened. He didn't run away, he wasn't run over by a car and he didn't get sick and die, all of which are not better but are more common and I feel as if I could accept something like that a little easier. A huge black dog appeared out of nowhere and out of all the cats that were around chose to attack and murder Koui. He was only 12 months old or so and was so nice and kind hearted, he would have been the nicest old cat, had he been able to live his life. He would have been huge and furry and would have had the longest tail I'd ever seen in a cat! We made fun of him for that...

I never imagined I'd feel like this. There is a large weight in my stomach and a pain in my heart. I will never forget Koui and will always cherish the moments we got to spend with him. With his great personality and tenderness he really taught me a lot. May he rest in peace and find happiness wherever he is right now. He didn't deserve this.

Goodbye buddy, we both miss you so much.

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