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'Tiglath Pileser My Jesus Cat'

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Thank you Dan
by: Deirdre

Dear Dan,
Thank you, it means a lot to me and I understand your feeling of loss as well. If you are standing for the reconciliation of your marriage do join us as CPR Marriage Restoration Ministries.

We cat lovers.
by: Dan

Hi Deirdre - I am sorry that your cat has died. I too lost my cat (Casey), she is still alive but my wife has her and I have not seen Casey for over a year+. I loved playing with her and teasing her to get her to chase me. I am sorry for your loss. I loved reading about the joy Tiglath brought into your life.

by: isabella

Tiglath was a real hunter. He could catch frogs and once he caught a dragonfly. He was sweet and funny and no other cat that I have met he was the sweetest. One day I knocked my self into Deirdre´s wall and I sat down to cry. Then he came like an little angel walking so silly after his operation. He looked like a drunk cat. He will always stay in our hearts and look after us.

Deirdres Cat Tiglath
by: Naomi

I too have good memories of Deirdre's cat. Made our visits to my sisters house entertaining. My girls loved Tiglath. He always wanted to be part of the action, part of any game football or any other. Spent lots of time playing with him. Tiglath you will be missed for many reasons but mostly for bringing the special gift of joy into my sisters life.

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'Tiglath Pileser My Jesus Cat'.