Your Pet Tributes


by Joy Pate
(Greenville SC)

Abigail, who answered to Abby or Abbygirl, was our wonderful black lab that loved and protected our family for 16 years. She loved being outside in the backyard. Some days she would catch a squirrel and walk in the kitchen to lay her dead conquest at my feet. Even when she got to be over 100 lbs she still thought she should be able to sit in your lap.

Our son, Josh, who is now 24, taught her to play soccer when she was a puppy. She became a defensive player keeping the ball away from him and made him a great soccer player who was a starter in high school. She loved the snow, did not like strangers in her yard, loved to play with the tennis ball, learned to love our other dog, Chester, who came into our lives later.

Even as she grew older, lost her hearing, sight and started to lose daily functions... she still thought for about 10 seconds every day she was a puppy again... Abby was not a dog to give kisses, you just knew she loved ya! But the last day, as I lay on the vet's floor with her in her final moment's, knowing this was going to end her suffering, knowing it was the right thing to do, but still crying from a broken heart, she raised her head and kissed my cheek. I told her how much we loved her and would miss her...

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