Your Pet Tributes


by Derek Ball
(Seoul, South Korea)

The good times

The good times

June 2002 to May 24th 2013 6:15 am
Mixed American/English Cocker Spaniel

I don't know where to start buddy. I regret not being with you that morning and leaving you at the hospital overnight. We thought you would be OK. I wish I could have held you while you went. The doctor said you had fluid in your lungs from pneumonia or the cancer might have spread there. You coughed up a lot of blood about 6am and your heart stopped but they revived you once unfortunately you finally went at 0615.

Me, Mommy, Emma, Hannah and Sara all rushed to the hospital but we were too late. We petted you for 20 minutes or so and I leaned over and told you I was sorry and I loved you. I hope you heard me. I hope you knew we came and could feel our sadness. Malignant cancer and glaucoma in your left eye which couldn’t see from at all. The doctor said it was a painful disease and probably would spread to your other eye, you had lost a lot of weight the past 10 days or so.

I will be haunted by the fact you passed without me there for the rest of my life! I regret so many things buddy but I loved you so much. I will try to think of the good times and know you had a good life. I still think of the times I was mean to you and it makes me sad. You almost died when we brought you home at 2 months old from a respiratory problem but you fought and made it and lived to be almost 11.

Your birthday will be next month. I looked at all kinds of our pictures of you from back when you were a puppy until recently and cry every time! I hope wherever you are there is lots of trees, grass, water and birds to chase which were all your favorites. I asked you to tell me what you want me to do with your ashes. I want you home but know you loved to be outside and free. What about the mountain area and trails we went when you were younger? Just let me know one night in my dream buddy.

We love you and miss you Vincey Boy!!! Please forgive me for being mean to you when you got the garbage or peed somewhere and not being there at the end!!

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