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There are a huge variety of urns for pet ashes available nowadays, with not just the traditional wood pet urn, but also ceramic pet urns, glass pet urns and many types of custom pet urns.

Not only are there cat pet urns and dog pet urns, but pet urns for all kinds of pets including mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and even pet urns large enough for animals such as goats, donkeys, ponies and horse urns for pet ashes can now be found.

There are now far more pets (and people) cremated than there are buried. This is possibly because cremation is a relatively new option, but also because attitudes have changed and many people given the choice prefer the idea of bringing their loved one 'home' and keeping them close by, as opposed to having them buried in a pet cemetery which they may then have to visit in order to feel the same closeness.

Pet cremation is also considered a 'greener' option, with everyone trying to live greener and more eco friendly lives nowadays, the idea of sprawling cemeteries for either humans or animals whilst we are running out of space can seem unnecessarily wasteful to many people.

Lifestyles have also changed. Where once people had jobs for life and often remained in the same home and area for most of their lives, nowadays people move and change jobs far more often. This can prove a quandary when considering whether we want to cremate or bury our pets. Cremation at least offers us the option of retaining our pet's ashes and taking them with us in one of the many types of pet urns and urns for pet ashes when we move from place to place, and so is now the preferred option of many.

When my cat Spider died, it was very sudden and totally unexpected. I had no knowledge of the options available, and to be honest back then there were very few options, and there was no such thing as the internet to try and find out more.

So we buried him in the garden of my then home. At the time I was renting a farmhouse and was very happy there and so I just assumed I would be there forever. So burying him in the garden where he had loved to spend time just seemed like the natural thing to do. But just a year later the owner of the house decided to sell it and I was forced to move.

I've since found out that there are now companies that will exhume your pet from your garden when you move so you can take them with you or have them cremated, but at the time I had no idea that such things existed or were possible. Even if I had I am not sure I would have wanted to disturb him from his resting place. So he was left behind in a garden that now belongs to someone else and that I can never have access to again.

Now I am thinking of moving once again and only wish I had had all of my pets cremated. I've always wanted to move to the countryside and would dearly have liked to have taken my pets who didn't live long enough to move with us in life, so they could at least be with us in some sense. I realise that may sound foolish to some people but in the same sense as when your pets are buried in your own back garden you can still feel close to them on a daily basis, when you have to move it can kind of feel as though you are losing them all over again when you have to leave them behind.

Of course it is not like that for everyone, many people do not attach such feelings to the ashes or graves of their lost pets, but instead believe they are simply with them in spirit, but it was quite a tug to leave Spider behind and given the option again now I would have had him cremated so I could take him wherever we go.

Sometimes you don't have the option of burying your pets in your own garden even if you want to. Your property may be rented, you may have a shared garden or there may be local byelaws preventing you doing so, and you may not like the alternative option of burial in a pet cemetery.

Pet cremation and urns for pet ashes are an ideal option in these cases and most pet owners agree there is a certain comfort in receiving your pet's ashes back in their pet urn. Comfort obviously comes in different forms but there is I think a certain peace of mind in knowing your pet is back home with you again and close by.

So in this section I'll be sharing with you the many types of urns for pet ashes that are now available, looking at the differences between the various pet urns, answering the common questions people have about pet cremation urns and showing you all the best products and options I've come across and also how to create your own.

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