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'My Darling Toffy'

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My Toffy darling💝💜💝 NEW
by: Malini Rajkumar - India Chennai

Hi Carol, hope there are other things in life to give you happiness..I too lost my baby Toffy darling a lovable innocent pug who was less than four's over a year and a half but the tears haven't stopped or the pain gone. It has reduced marginally...I always think that my baby is with God looking over me and still caring for me and wanting me to be happy.. taking care of stray dogs feeding them can provide a little comfort to you... wishing you Happiness..

My Baby Eric
by: tony

To all who've lost a beloved friend, I know your pain, my faithful friend (Eric) the dobie passed away some years ago but I still grieve for him, I miss him still.

I only had him for two and a half years, I rescued him when he was two. He was my first dog and how I loved him. He was a big softy and my protector, everyday I want to hold him again and tell him I love him.

Against all advice I have now got another dobie also called Eric. He is so like Eric number one and I see him in his eyes. We are so close and I dread the day he gets old.

I miss you baby,

Love Daddy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am sorry....
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for your loss...I too have lost a loving friend less than a week ago...I still cry daily and feel deep grief and lonliness...everywhere I turn I see my baby...he was always by my side. I know and understand the sadness....I hope time heals your heart to the point where you can smile at the good memories. I am living life daily by keeping busy and doing honor to his memory...I planted roses by his grave, had someone make a simple headstone, etc...I tend his grave daily and read stories written by other people...that really helps...lots of people feel the way we do. At first I didn't know if it was normal to be affected SO is and I realize that it's good to talk about it...May God bless you and heal your heart.

It's So Hard
by: MARG

I too know where you are at. I lost my 'Chleo' a 9 year old Golden Retriever in Feb.
She was fine then 1 day didn't want to eat, and just laid around.

Took her to the Dr's, after a few tests and surgery she had cancer on her spleen...gave her 3 to 6 months and she only made it 6 weeks!

I too have another Golden 7 years old and on a happy note a new baby 'Nevaeh' Heaven spelled backwards...She came to us a week after Chleo died and has been a blessing.

My Sister just lost her Golder 2 days ago. 14 years old!! So now I am mourning the loss with her,

Hang in there we are all with you!


Rainbow Bridge
by: christine sznurfeil

I know all too well how you feel, I lost my beautiful boxer in February of this year, and it broke my heart. Like you there was nothing the vet could do either, she was ten years old, it's been four months now and the pain is lessening, I just think of all the fun times we had and the wonderful love we had for each other.

All the dogs and cats and other pets go to Rainbow Bridge where they are all restored to health, they wait for us till our time is done here, and then they come to meet us like the story says, but they look down on us from there and send us their love every day, be strong, it does get better.

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'My Darling Toffy' .