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'My One Eyed Girl 06/08'

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Sorry for your loss
by: Joe

I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious girl Rita. Your love for her is clear. With all of the other things you're going through right now, I can only guess how overwhelming this experience must be, and it might not seem like it now, but time will heal all of your wounds.

You will have time to grieve, and you will feel better because of it. You will feel good again, right again. The days will get brighter. You will remember the good times you spent with Rita, and before long when you think of her, you will only smile or laugh.

Know that you loved her and gave her the best life you could give her, and that that is all anyone can ever do in any relationship. Know that she is at peace and happy in her new place and that she would want you to be happy now. Know that you will be reunited with her again one day, and that all the pain will be forgotten forever. In its place will be only the good things.


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'My One Eyed Girl 06/08'.