Your Pet Loss Stories

'Our Flying Scooter'

by Alex
(San Marcos, CA)

It all started with my older Sister. In the year 2001, my older Sister had wanted a pet parakeet so my parents gave in and bought one for us. Scooter was a few months old when we got him and he was blue. We decided to name him Scooter.

Scooter was a great friend. Whenever he was in his cage, he would always be squawking, trying to talk, and be ringing the bells in his cage, he was very playful. We always had fun with Scooter.

In 2007, we found out that Scooter had a liver problem that caused his beak to grow very long and curve so we would have to get his beak trimmed every month. The vet told us that Scooter would eventually start eating less and then eventually eat so little that he would die.

But one day in 2008, we went to get his beak trimmed again. When he was starting to get his beak trimmed, he started to get scared and his heart started beating fast (like every parakeets' does at a time like that), but his heart beat too fast. Scooter had a heart attack and died.

While my Mom was driving home from where she gets his beak trimmed, it was very sad because on the way to the place, he would always be chirping happily and playing in his cage, but on the way home, it was total silence. When I got home, (I had been at school at the time) my Mom told me the news. I cried for about 2 hours on and off.

Everytime I thought I was done crying, about 3 minutes later, I would start crying. At about 7:00 PM that night, we buried him in front of our house. My Mom found a flat rock to use as a grave stone. I wrote with colored gels; Scooter 2001-2008 and drew a picture of a blue parakeet and a rainbow. Then, we got a fake cement bird that had broken off of a bird bath and might puttied it on (you know, we glued it on with might putty). Then, we put it next to his grave.

The thing that I feel good about is somehow, the last few days that Scooter had left on Earth I had cared about him the most. I had been changing his food and water, and I had been playing with him outside of his cage. I'm glad God let me have Scooter as a pet and give him a good home. Reply with your thoughts about how you feel about my stories.

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