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Christmas Without Blue

Thursday Dec 25, 2008

by Dale Blake
(Oswego N.Y America)

I'm doing very well with our new puppy Maxy. She is so beautiful and also so smart. I am not feeling at all like she is taking Blue's place.

I am at the pangs and waves stage right now. I still think of him a lot and I still have my little break downs. I miss him so much. Maxy is saving me from so much pain and I love her so much for that. She is definitely not Blue but she is so awesome and I cherish every moment with her. My Husband also thinks she is a good puppy and he loves her too.

I am so sad without Blue this Christmas. I was really looking forward to spending it with Blue. All is not lost. Little Maxy comforts me so much. I whisper to her. Blue would love you if he were here. I am so grateful to have her and I'm going to do my damndest to make sure she has all the love Blue had.

Merry Christmas and a very good night.

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