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'Dale & Blue'

Missing Blue

Tuesday 13 Jan, 2009

by Dale Blake
(Oswego n.y U.S.A)

I'm really missing Blue right now. I can't stop thinking about him. I keep having reminders about him through the days. I just keep feeling like he should still be here.

Like I said before I feel so different. I was so settled in life with him. I was so comfortable and now I feel out of place without him. I have a new puppy and she is wonderful, beautiful, smart, loving she is a great puppy and I feel really lucky to have her.

I try not to compare her with Blue but sometimes I find myself doing just that. She is way different. Besides the fact she is female and Blue is male, she is a different breed than Blue. She is total opposite of every thing of Blue. Which I expect her to be.

One thing she is totally the same on and that is the love she shows me and the devotion she gives. I sometimes look for the differences but there really is none. I'm thankful for that. I don't want her to take Blue's place. She deserves to be her own unique puppy and believe me she's just that.

Good Night.

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