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'Dea & Samantha'


Nov 2, 2012

Everyone says God took my Sammy from me? Is this true? If He is a loving & caring God how could he hurt me this bad? How could he send me Sammy, allow me to fall so deeply & hopelessly in love with her & then take her away so soon? I just don't understand ~ what's the point? It just seems so cruel to me.

I love & miss you so much, girlie girl, there are not enough words or ways to tell you. I miss your little face, I miss you next to me, I miss you eating fish food & drinking out of the fish tank, I miss your sweet little face in the morning. I can't stop looking for you or calling you for dinner.

Remember when I would ask you ~ 'What am I going to do without you?' I got the answer on Sept 29th: without you I feel like I'm gonna die...

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