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'Diana & Leya'

Dec 17, 2011

by Diana
(Ontario Canada)

Leya, the best gift under my tree is you.

Leya, the best gift under my tree is you.

Leya, my precious girl..

Today is the 17th again, and even though I miss you so much every day, the 17th is particularly hard as it was the 17th when I lost you.

Another Christmas is fast approaching, my second one without you. Life isn't the same for me since you had to leave. Such a big part of it left with you and it can never be replaced. I was listening to a song today and it so reminded me of you, I could not help but cry.
The words were:

As the years say goodbye,
One by one on silent wings they fly,
What will last, what is true
That's a lesson I learned loving you.
If life is just a dream, I know within my heart,
Just being close to you was by far the sweetest part.

Leya, you will always be part of me. I am the person I am because of all you taught me. You are the most beautiful, gentle soul I have ever known. It is my greatest prayer that I will one day be with you again.

I find comfort in knowing you are with Charlie. I know you are such special friends and he will take care of you. I know you are both working hard to help Bud and Duke too. You are both so amazing.

I love you Leya. You will always be Mommy's most special girl.

All my Christmas dreams will be of you.

Love Mommy

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