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Sat Jan 31, 2009

I Keep Calling His Name,


by KC

Jake, our BABY BOY

Jake, our BABY BOY

It was 3 months on the 16th. I still haven't driven down the road where I found my sweet baby. I keep calling Luca, "Jake" and my Husband and Daughter will both remind me "THAT'S LUCA, NOT JAKE!" Do they honestly think I don't know that?

I love Luca with all my heart, and he is still very clingy to me. Linda, I had to laugh when I read about Lewis follow you around while you clean. Luca is doing that now, and I talk to him and just like you do, I know he understands me. I've gotten in the habit of taking him with me if I'm going on a short errand. He loves to go bye-bye in the car. I went overboard on Luca and the cats this year for Christmas. David and my youngest Daughter (who is still at home, 19 yrs, goes to USC) thought it was so funny that I bought them so many toys.

I just miss Jake sooo much. I put a framed picture on the mantel with his box and collar.
I'm not sure it will ever stop hurting.
At least I know Jake has a friend at Rainbow bridge to play with till Mommy and/or Daddy get there.

Love, KC

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