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Just To Say I Miss You Rolo

May 15, 2012

by Jean
(Durham, England)

Hello my sweet little man,

As usual here I am weeping over all the sad losses of everybodies little babies as they leave for the bridge.

Just thought I would say hello my beautiful angel, wish you were here back at my side chattering to me as you did so often in your earth life. My heart feels just as heavy now as the day I lost you Rolo, it comes in huge waves this aching grief that I have for you. I hope you are coping with watching all the other ratty angels for me.

I decided to get another dog Rolo, I felt the time was right after losing my poor Bruce. He is a little Jack Russell called Fly, the Dog Trust brought him over from Ireland as they put them to sleep over there. He is lovely Rolo, don't know if you would approve though as he is always watching the ratties with a keen twinkle in his eye, but he is a good dog, not my Rolo but still a good little fur baby.

Well my darling I will let you go now and will speak to you again real soon, give all my the other fur baby angels my love and head kisses. Don't forget my sweet boy keep watching as I will be there with you all again one day, good night and please come to me in my dreams, I ache to see you again,

Love Mum sad on earth without you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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