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'Lorna & Baxter'

Still Missing You

Mar 28, 2011

by Lorna
(Houston, TX)

I guess I will always talk to you. I had thought the days were getting easier. I went to the doctor office yesterday and picked up your ashes. Before I left the receptionist and I were both crying.

I look at your favorite chair and I think you should be lying there. Then I thought about the times you couldn't make it by jumping and I would put you there.

I knew that this day would come, just as it came for your sister 6 years ago. It never makes it any easier. And your brothers miss you as much as I.

Bailey is still looking around the house for you. Bear, the first 4 days he would not eat. He kept looking at the front door to see if you would come home.

We miss you Baxter Buddy, our only consolation is to see you again.

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