Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Pat & Blue'

One Year Ago

7 Sept, 2010

by Pat
(Ontario, Canada)

Blue and Karma on the Pontoon Boat

Blue and Karma on the Pontoon Boat

It has been one year since you went on to a better place Blue. Since that date you have let me know that you are doing fine. I love it when you come to me when I am down. Right now I am looking at your picture and wishing that you were here. I thought about you over the weekend because you were with me last year at the cottage. I thought about you when I took Lexie and Karma for a swim and thought about how you liked to go after the minnows in the water.

Karma misses you - she plays with Lexie but it is not the same for her. I think that Lexie has a lot of your characteristics. She reminds me of you all the time. When you met her for the first time she ran up to you and laid under your chin. You just looked at me and sniffed at her.

You were the most impossible dog at times - I remember chasing you when you got loose and having to take the car to get you because you loved the car and would always come and jump in. Your hair - all over the place - I miss that. I miss the way you always jumped on the love seat. It became your spot. And you loved a little taste of beer every now and then. Chocolate - not toxic to you. And I remember at Christmas how you would sneak into the living room and grab a candy cane and quietly sneak away and eat it - you would carefully remove the paper. That was the only thing left that gave you away. But I will let you in on a secret - we all used to watch you from behind the door as you got your treat.

We loved you for your quirky ways and wonderful personality. Your garden is beautiful and your stone is always kept clean. Blue you will always be in my heart and never forgotten. There is no dog that can compare to you. You were the best, most beautiful and most enjoyable baby ever. To me you are not gone but just on a very long vacation at the most beautiful resort ever. And some day I will be there with you. You may be gone but you will never never never be forgotten.

I love you Blue. Mom xxxxxooooo

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